GX3 SUPER LUCKY BAG (Selected 10 pcs of GX3)

Please kindly wait until loaded.
Price in points: 9980 points

GX3 LUCKY BAG. What's inside?

Totally 11 items.

(confirmed 6 pair of underwear out of 10, 4 pair of random underwear,and 1 Blanket.)

Only 9,980 JPYen+ postage

You can see what is in the bag that’s why you never have worries. (Only some products)

And come with a 3WAY BLANKET.

  • - If you buy more than 2 lucky bags, there's a possibility that it is enclosed exactly same items.
  • - Because of sanitary reason, any return, exchange will not be accepted.
  • - It is possible to enclose Boxer, Brief, Jockstrap, Shorts, etc.
  • - You cannot choose item & color.
  • - 5 size are available, S,M,L,XL and XXL.

The size chart is based on Asian people size.

It must be small for western people. Please be care to order

【Regarding size】

Even if it is same size, waist size is different caused collection and shape, materials

All items are high elasticity, so it fit your body well

- To prevent damage for print and fabric, do not use tumbler dry


  • - There may be marks for positioning the snap buttons.It can be removed by rubbing gently with a wet tissue.
  • - Please note that these marks are not an initial defect.
  • - Please remove the snap buttons carefully one at a time. If you remove them all at once, it may cause damage.
  • - When wrapping it around your waist, please shift the buttons to your preferred position.
  • - If there are fibers (hairballs) attached to the surface, please clean them before use.
  • - Please note that there may be a surplus of sewing thread.
  • - When washing, please use a net.

Designed in Tokyo Japan

Made in China