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Price in points: 3200 points
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The three-dimensionally cut front pouch is full of weight and supports important parts.
The new technology "Compact Adhesion" is used around the thighs, so that the seams no longer need sutures and can be directly connected. The rubber LOGO highlights the design of the waistband.

"Light and translucent as if wearing air"
If you wear elastic fabric that is as light as air, extremely thin and transparent.
Let you experience the stress-free wearing experience. GX3【AIRSKIN】Collection.

※The front pouch is double layer.
※Only 2 points are left for the water washing mark.

※When washing, it may be prone to streaking, tearing, shrinkage, and furballs due to be pulled. We recommend hand washing separately from other items. Please refrain from using a dryer.
※Please handle gently, as pulling strongly when putting on and taking off the garment may cause lines, tears.
※Wash alone as the color may fade.
※Because the fabric is dyed, the lining will be the same color as the outer side. Transparency may vary depending on the color of the fabric.
※The front pouch is double layer.
※Washing care label is sewn on at two points.

  • Included
  • 2 BOXER
  • Finest fabric
  • Nylon 67% Polyurethane 33%
  • Made in China
  • Size Chart
  • S size 30-33 cm
  • M size 32-35 cm
  • L size 34-37 cm
  • XL size 36-39 cm
  • XXL size 38-41 cm

The size chart is based on Asian people size; it must be small for Western people. Please be care to order.
Waist size: Put flat underwear then measure waist elastic width.