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The design of the upper body between the chest and the shoulders reveals the male body and style. 【HARNESS】
The black tone matches the light from the LED lights, and the upper body is look more stylish. It's easy to wear, and it has a button that can be adjusted according to your body shape.

Lighting up and enhances the sexy charm of men. Instantly. GX3【LIGHTNING HARNESS】

  • Included
  • Finest fabric
  • Made in China
  • Size Chart
  • Free Size

【About Shipping】
・ Because of rechargeable battery component, for overseas delivery only one item can be shipped per EMS.
・ If you purchase more than one, they will be delivered separately by EMS.
・ We can’t delivery to USA, Canada and Australia. Orders from those countries will be canceled by automatically, please kindly understand it.

【Battery charging method】
・ Please insert the USB cable into Micro USB terminal hole that located at right side of the box.
・ While charging, Micro USB terminal hole LED will be turn red.
・ When battery is fully charged, LED will be turn to green.
・ When LED turn to green, please pull off the USB cable right away.

・ After use, please power off the electricity.
・ Lighting time indication when battery is full charged, blinking operation can be lasted 8 - 10 hours. Lighting operation can be lasted 4 - 6 hours.
Subjected to LED color and operating conditions
・ Never let the harness contact with water.
・ If you sweat a lot, don’t use the harness.
・ The harness belt is installing battery. It has risk of fire. If you notice any smoke, unusual odor, or any other characteristic apart from what you are used to while using, charging or storing the battery, turn off and avoid using it.
・ When pull out the USB cable, please hold the housing to avoid excessive force to lead wire.
・ If you notice contents are leaked out, don’t touch battery or harness belt.
If the battery contents leakages contact your clothes or skin, immediately flush skin with plenty of water. If itch or irritation by chemical burn persists, consult a physician.
・ If the harness LED is turned getting shorter, the life of battery is approaching the use-by date. Please consider to buy new one.
・ We have no responsibility, warranty expressed or implied even if it caused product direct or indirect defect. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The size chart is based on Asian people size; it must be small for Western people. Please be care to order.
Waist size: Put flat underwear then measure waist elastic width.