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There are different prints and styles in each of the 3 items. To make the denim series more colorful, super three-piece boxer undies, grand debut. Two of the three are made of super flexible material and printed with the color of imitation denim fabric (Thick diagonal stripes and paisley patterns).

There is also an iron gray underwear made of cotton.
Not too short, not too long, just the right length.

Do not pick body shape and hobby, show the charm to all-around. The front pouch with a sense of weight, three-dimensional cut emphasizes the sense of volume, and at the same time, it also supports your treasure's parts well.

The classic denim fabric brings you the heroic charm of the man, which is completely presented on the underwear Mixing denim fabric with printed fabric is more delicate. This is the charm of the 【DENIMIX】Collection.

  • Included
  • 3 BOXER
  • Finest fabric
  • Polyurethane 10 % Polyester 90 % etc...
  • Made in China
  • Size Chart
  • S size 30-33 cm
  • M size 32-35 cm
  • L size 34-37 cm
  • XL size 36-39 cm
  • XXL size 38-41 cm

The size chart is based on Asian people size; it must be small for Western people. Please be care to order.
Waist size: Put flat underwear then measure waist elastic width.