Every product and collection features production and sewing specifications that take advantage of each material.
Please read the following descriptions.

About the prints

  • They may have a rough, damage-like finish due to the design.
  • The position of the print varies slightly depending on the product.
  • Design specifications may be based on the fraying of prints or the fading of colors.
  • Please enjoy a design where the print frays or colors fade with use or washing.
  • You may notice the unique scent of the print dye, but please use the products with confidence as there is no problem.

About the fabric, sewing, and processing

  • Due to the design process, there may be a rough, damage-like sewing finish or processing that does not stitch the hem, etc.
  • Please enjoy a design where the print frays or colors fade with use or washing.
  • Design specifications may be based on the fading of fabric colors.
  • Please enjoy a design where the colors fade with use or washing.

About super low-rise boxer pants

  • They feature a low-rise design that is trendy in Japan and is cut to fit low on the hips.
    They are quite short, low, and tight compared to ordinary boxer pants.
    Around one-third of the hips may be exposed.

Washing and care instructions

  • If using a washing machine, we recommended placing the product in a laundry net to ease the strain on the fabric, such as scratches and getting caught.
  • We recommend that color and print products are washed separately to avoid discoloration and color shifting, even if no discoloration attention/warning is displayed. When washing for the first time, ensure products are washed separately and check them.
  • Be aware that colors may transfer to other items by friction, especially if the product is worn wet from sweat or rain.
  • Refrain from using an excessive amount of detergent, bleach, etc., as this may damage the fabric.
  • Remove the item from the washing machine as soon as the machine’s drain cycle has finished. Color transfer may occur if it is left.
  • After washing, return the item to its original shape and allow to dry immediately. We recommend that the item is left to dry in a shaded, airy place.
  • Ensure the item is completely dry before storing.
  • Due to the nature of the fabric, the use of a dryer should be avoided in case of damage to the prints, etc.
  • For other items, including underwear, special materials, prints, sewing techniques, processing, etc. may have been applied.
  • Carefully read the washing label or tag attached to the product, cautions, and the description page for each product, and carry out washing or cleaning methods suitable for each item.

Precautions for use

  • Please note that it is not possible to amend or cancel an order after we have sent an email confirming your order.
    We cannot accept any cancellation after products have been shipped.
  • We may refuse your order in case of cancellation, refusal of receipt, items returned after failed delivery attempts, and other issues after an order has been placed.