GX3 XXL size

(You can choose various style.)


GX3 starts selling almost all type of underwear up to XXL from new collection.
You can enjoy underwear life to select your favorite from standard to sexy one.

Favorite underwear is kept wearing frequently. Big body guys might make waistband stretch and slack.
You can change every day and cherish triple set for a long time. It is good deal.

3 for 3,000 JP yen level.
GX3 That's affordable so I can feel free to buy and it makes me happy.

Have you had an experience that your waistband is folded over when you bend over?
SUPER LOWRISE BOXER the waistband is in a low position, so it is hard to turn over!

I wanna try to get the LOWRISE BOXER I have never put on.

Have you had chafed your inner thighs
and felt sore ever?
LONG BOXER fabric supports your thighs,
that’s why it is hard to feel it!

So nice! I hard to have chafed my inner thighs. This is the best for sports because it has an antiperspirant effect.

GX3 recommend them to curious and active guys! Since your legs extend to the base of the thighs, the fabric is not tight and easy to move.

Wearing tightly and nice sexy butt! It’s good.

There are many dry fabrics to absorb
sweat and keep dry touching.
It is easy to dry after laundry so it might be best buddy for you who wash every day and like neat.

I can wash it every day and It always clean because It’s easy to dry.

It's OK to be seen by others, we would rather show than hide because of stylish designs. TRUNKS is best for your relaxing time and you will be able to feel cozy.

I wanna be comfortable fit when I'm at home. It is good GX3 has many cute design and colors.

Model’s profile

  • Height : 161cm
  • Weight : 85kg
  • Underwear size : XL
  • Hobby : Sneakers collection
  • Thoughts : For the first time I was so nervous, but I could be natural phot shoot and the time went by so fast. I have eaten a lot! Sorry about that.
  • Height : 164cm
  • Weight : 83kg
  • Underwe : size : XL〜XLL
  • Hobby : Play the instrument, Dancing, TV GAME
  • Thoughts : I enjoyed because I could put on lots of cute underwear and eat yummy sweets and snacks. I hope our photos will express the charm of GX3 underwear as much as possible.